Visions of the Past, II

Redan Battery after the Siege

To give a complete picture of the Residency and perhaps clarify a few points as to the actual position of some of the buildings, the following drawings are quite useful:

Baily Guard
Baily Guard Front
Cawnpore Battery
Cawnpore Battery or South Angle
Brigade Mess
Brigade Mess Front
Commissariat or West Front
The Church and Innes Post
Church or North Angle
Redan and River
River or Redan Front

“I must confess that there was a feeling of regret mixed up with the joy of at last being free. To leave the position which we had so long defended at last in the hands of the enemy, who was to have have our batteries, and trenche and mines, and who would rummage our chambers and residences, was athought which none of us liked.”

L.E.Ruutz REes