How to Read Mutiny Reflections

This site, for all the joy it gives the author, perhaps gives less to my readers. To the best of my abilities, I have made it as navigable as possible. However, for those of you who are just starting out, it can be something of a chore to figure out in which order events happened.

Listed below, are the various categories and their contents which should assist you, my dear reader, in acquainting yourself with Mutiny Reflections.

Category: Before 1857 and Beyond

History and Geography
Tags: History and Geography

– A Little History – How the EICo got to where it was in 1857
– Presidencies and Provinces
-The Geography of 1857

The following posts in this category deal with the organisation of the army and the state of it up to the rebellion of 1857:
– The Army has Ceased to Fear I
– The Army has Ceased to Fear II
-The Army Rebels
– Rumours and Cartridges
– Of Agitators and Chapatis

This covers everything from the beginning of the EICo to the beginning of the rebellion.

May 1857

For events in May, you can search with the tag, May 1857 or proceed to:

Main Catagory The North-Western Provinces
Tags: April 1857, May 1857, NWP,
– The Last Cartridge – a little film which rolls together several different aspects of the mutiny of 1857- it is a fanciful rendition of sieges and saviours

Under this category are several subdivisions:

Tags: Meerut, NWP, April 1857, May 1857
-Cause and Consequences I -III

Tags: Delhi, May 1857
– 11th May 1857
-Inconsolable Trials I-IV (for escapes from Delhi)
-And God Shall Wipe All Tears from their Eyes I-II (for victims of Delhi in May)

For continuity, you should proceed to:

Main Catagory: The Punjab

Ferozepore, Mian Mir, Sialkote, Simla
Tags: The Punjab, May 1857
– The Mutiny Spreads
– Elsewhere in the Punjab
-In the Hills, May 1857
– An Error of Judgement, Kasauli

Jalandhar, Phillour and Ludhiana
Tags: The Punjab, May 1857, June 1857
-Actions in the Punjab
-Actions in the Punjab II – this is the conclusion of the Jalandhar Mutiny in June 1857

From here, return to:
Main Catagory: The North Western Provinces
Delhi for:
Tags: Delhi, May 1857, June 1857
– The March Begins
– On to Delhi! (tagged as well, as Badli-ki-Serai and June 1857)

This will bring you up to June 1857, before the Siege of Delhi.

Further Events in May 1857:

Main Catagory: The North Western Provinces

In the Mofussil, May 1857
Tags: NWP, May 1857 and on some posts, June 1857

As these were written at different times,  I have added here a timeline of events:

Etah, Aligarh, Bulandshahr, Secunderabad
The North-Western Provinces for the mutinies in Etah and Aligarh 20th of May
The Gujars and Bulandshahr – events from the 12th of May to the 11th of June. The mutiny however occurred on the 21st of May
A Dreadful Narrative – Aligarh, the Indigo Factories and  Coel  -20th of May

Etawah and Mynpoorie
No Paltering Can be Allowed – Etawah – May 16th – June  17th 1857 (additionally tagged with June 1857)
Lieutenant De Kantzow Speaks – Mynpoorie, 22ndth of May

Hansi, Hissar and Sirsa

– From the Witnesses – Hansi, Hissar and Sirsa, May 29th

– In Rohilkhand – Bareilly – 31st of May
– Decisions – Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpore, Moradabad, Budaon May-June 1857 (additionally tagged with NWP) 

Shajahanpur  and Muhamdi and Sitapur
– A Few Second Chances – Shajahanpur, Mithauli, Muhamdi, Sitapur May 30th – June 3rd
These last two are continuations of A Few Second Chances and complete the narrative.
(Tagged also as June 1857)

This wraps up May 1857

June 1857

Main CatagoryThe North-Western Provinces
Tags: May 1857, June 1857, NWP

Agra (a stand-alone category)
Under this category are the following posts:
Agra- Civilization and Mutiny
Deliberate Inaction – for events in May and June
Muttra Rises
Rajputana – Trust and Lies (although this deals with events in Rajasthan, it has a direct bearing on Agra)
Vague Anticipations – for June and July
Thornhill Returns – further events in Muttra
Life in Agra Fort – for events at Agra until September
Fleeting Intelligence – for events of September and October, including Greathed’s march from Delhi and the Battle of Agra

Sub Catagory: June 1857 which is divided into:

Benares, Jaunpore and Allahabad
– A Most Indifferent Regiment – Azamgarh and Benares, 3rd-5th of June
– Reactions – Jaunpore, June 5th
– Promises and Lies – Allahabad, June 6th
– Popular Christian Sentiment and the Mutiny – Arthur Marcus Cheek. A portrait piece
– Humble Beginnings – the VCs’ of Benares

Fatehgarh (a stand-alone category)
This should be read in its entirety as it deals with the events of the doomed station of Fatehgarh from June to the massacre at the Bibighar in July
– Fatehgarh -I-III 2nd June – 15th of July
– Their Chance at Life – Individual Escapes from Fatehgarh
– Other Escapes and Survivals
– The Final Escape – events until August 1857
– The Fatehgarh Victims A-W
– The Final Will of Colonel Goldie is a portrait piece

Jhansi and Nowgong
– Mutiny at Jhansi – June 1sth to the 8th
– Hunted Part I-III 10th of June -21st of June
– The Relief of Tears Denied – an account of Mrs Mawes and her escape from Nowgong
– Mors Immatura – the victims of the Nowgong mutiny
– “Many a Heart’s Sad History” – the story of Mary Carshore, a victim of the Jhansi massacre

Fatehpur, Banda, Nagode and Mirzapore
(The  following posts are additionally tagged as Sherer and Central India to give a continuation to the narrative)
– Withdrawal – events in Fatehpur June 6th -10th
– Duty over Life – events in Banda on the 14th of June, and a continuation of Sherer’s flight
– Duty Done – Sherer arrives in Allahabad on the 7th of July
– No Quarter Given – Hamirpur 14th June

Cawnpore (a stand-alone category)
Tags: Cawnpore
– Cawnpore and the Bibighar The 15th of July – a memorial to Cawnpore
– “Our Hour of Departure has Come” – faces and biographies of some of the victims of Cawnpore
– Anniversary – a Tribute to Cawnpore
-“We Are Not to Die Like Rats in a Cage?” – The Story of the Other Siege, Cawnpore
-The Story of Private Murphy and His Escape from Satichaura Ghat
-The Survivors
-Names of those who are said to have perished outside the entrenchment
-Victims of Cawnpore – Musicians of Native Corps and their Families
-Victims of Cawnpore- European Troops
-Victims of Cawnpore – Military
-Victims of Cawnpore – Railway
-Victims of Cawnpore – Civilians

Main Catagory Delhi

As Delhi took on a life of its own, I decided to list this as a stand-alone category.
It is divided into two sections, Delhi, May 1857 and Delhi, June-September 1857

Sub-division – Delhi, May 1857
Tags: Delhi, May 1857

The Imperial City of Delhi
11th May 1857, Delhi
God Shall Wipe All Tears from Their Eyes I
God Shall Wipe All Tears from Their Eyes II
Inconsolable Trials I
Inconsolable Trials II
Inconsolable Trials III

You can now continue onto the sub-division – Delhi, June-September 1857 – for events on the Ridge up to the taking of Delhi
Tags: Delhi, June 1857, July 1857, August 1857, September 1857
On the Ridge
Returns of June 1857, Before Delhi
A Desperate War- the Ridge in July
Returns for July 1857, Before Delhi
For Valour, the Delhi VCs
Engineering the Ridge
August in Delhi
Returns for August, before Delhi
Spirited Daring
Delhi Camp
Delhi, Besieged
Returns of September, before Delhi
The 14th of September
Returns for the 14th of September 1857, Delhi
Delhi Taken
Returns for Delhi 15th-22nd September
The Controversy of William Raikes Hodson

Main CategoryOudh

Tags: June 1857, Oudh

Secrora, Gonda and Bahraich:

– You are at Liberty to Consult Your Own Safety – Secrora June 8th -10th
-In the District of Bahraich June 10thand 11th
-Mr Wingfield Calculates – events up to the 12th of June

Fyzabad, Sultanpore and Salon:

-The Rebellion Continues  – Sultanpore June 8th – 9th
-In the Small Station of Salon 9th of June
-For Courage Mounteth with Occasion – Fyzabad February -June 8th 1857
-Lo! Thy Dread Empire, Chaos, is Restored, Fyzabad continued June 9th
– Escape from Sultanpoor – an account by Mrs Goldney

The following categories stand alone:


The Lucknow Residency and the Lucknow Defenders – from May to November 1857

This is a stand-alone category for Lucknow and starts with a little film, wholly inaccurate, called The Relief of Lucknow, in Film.  The Siege is not described as a series of events but more as a guide through the residency.

Main Catagory: Central India


Central India
Centra lndia – Part I – this takes us to the events at Lalitpur, June 7th to Sagar, 30th of  June
Central India Part II – Damoh 3rd of July , Nagpur 23rd of June
Central India Part III – Nagpur – this takes us up to events in September

This is listed under Central India and encompasses the events at Gwalior, as a stand-alone category with history of the Gwalior State to the mutiny at and the doings of the Gwalior Contingent
Tags: Gwalior, Central India, Macpherson and Scindia

Four posts regarding events in Indore and Hyderabad
The State of Indore – a short history
Not One Will Stand – the mutiny at Indore
Mutiny at Aurangabad – the doings of the Hyderabad Contingent
Tags: Indore, Central India

Main Catagory
: Bihar
Tags: Bihar, Tayler, June 1857, May 1857
This deals with everything related to Bihar covering events until August 1857

Main Catagory: The Bengal Presidency

-Calcutta Calm
– Calcutta Considers
-Calcutta Panics
These three posts give a general idea of the goings on in Calcutta in 1857 until June
Further on are events in the Santhal Pargana:
– A Shameful War – a history of the Santhal Uprising
– The Murderous Assault at Rohini – June 25th 1857

Main Catagory: The Victoria Cross
All events relating to  Victoria Cross recipients

Main Catagory: Jottings
Writings mutiny related but not specific to any particular event or happening and articles that are site related. Portraits
Portraits of specific people and events

The Future

Continuing ever onwards, I shall update this periodically as more posts come up. These sub-divisions may appear difficult now, however, we have only scratched the surface of 1857 and we have yet to explore the rest of the year.
It is also worth mentioning, some posts need continuation to complete the narrative while there are other mutinies and events between May and July that I have yet to write. I hope I have your patience, dear readers!
I hope, with this little explanation, I have added to your interest in exploring my site.