Between Earth and Sky

When you stop asking questions, the journey of life ends – there is always something new to know, a page that has not been turned and a place left unvisited. Where do you want to go?

So many books have been written about 1857. The autobiographies, the analytical, the scholarly, the fantastical and the ridiculous. My intention with this site is to provide a small online resource for those interested in exploring 1857 from the accounts of those who were there. At the same time, take into account the lesser-known deeds of the time, events deemed of small importance or simply those that do not find much space in the greater works. It is this author’s belief a story half-told is a story that has not been told – when part-truths mingle with fiction to form repeated history we do an injustice to everyone who died and to those who survived alike. Mutiny Reflections is uncomfortable history and is not intended to either aggrandize or judge the parties involved, as such opinions do not belong in history. I present events as far as possible in the words of those who were present and events are narrated as they happened based on sources available. Whether I agree or disagree with the events as a whole, is an argument I leave to those who have opinions. My aspirations are simple and few.
Above all, I hope to achieve a sense of respect for everyone involved in 1857, both sides had their reasons, made their decisions, behaved better, worse or indifferent. No one comes out of a war unscathed with a clean shirt, noses are bloodied all around. Anyone who stumbles across the site looking for glorification of either side, I must sorely disappoint you. I attempt to give credit where credit is due, fools and heros both find their place here. This is a history which is difficult to present in a well-rounded sense but the attempt needs to be made to give a fuller understanding of what happened in 1857. Otherwise we may as well all read Fitchett and have done with it.
That said, I hope this site proves of interest to all!


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