Mutiny Reflections Goes on Vacation

My dear readers – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support and for your patience with the rather irregular appearance of my posts. Researching is slow work and I find, that sometimes a wealth of information can be something of a burden, especially when I am the only one reading through all of it.
I have attempted to take you on a hopefully interesting journey. We have covered vast areas of India in 1857 however, we are nowhere near reaching the end. That is still far off and hopefully you shall not succumb to boredom before I am finished.

The last few chapters have been rather long in writing and for once, due to the lack of information, rather difficult to write. As such, I had hoped, before my long awaited vacation to at least give you a complete picture of Central India. Unfortunately my best endeavours have not been sufficient and I must leave you in something of a lurch – Indore is yet to be completed. That rascal Durand and his issues with Holkar are still be discussed. There is also the mutiny at Jalaun and the carrying ons in that district to be explored.

At the end of this coming week I shall be sitting on a nice beach in a pleasent central American country, watching monkeys, turtles and sloths as I sip smooth Costa Rican coffee in the rain. That is the plan anyway and not necessarily in that order as I hope to sneak in a volcano, a waterfall and some indulgent views in between all the coffee and monkeys. So for now, I shall draw a small veil over 1857 – however, after my 2 week hiatus I shall return with more topics and hopefully, you shall in the meantime not lose interest in my humble writings. I shall return to the blog no later than the 2nd week of September – this little post is just assure you, that just because I won’t be posting, it does not mean I have given up. I have far too many books to read and too much information to impart to stop now.

I will try to sneak in a post during this week, something short and hopefully entertaining as once in a while, even the mutiny has a chortle or two.

When I return, I promise to cover the following topics:
The besieging of Agra
Delhi from June in September
Various smaller mutinies at smaller stations, less known but still worth mentioning
And hopefully next year, a whole new start, as the mutiny reaches 1858.

I would at this point like to ask for a small favour –

What would you like to read? Please tell me in the comments if there is something that perks your interest. Is it biographies? Would you like to read more about the ladies of 1857? Are there any aspects which I have left out or others I should elaborate on? Your input is valuable to me and I shall try my best to fulfill your wishes to the best of my meager abilities!

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and as always, I remain, yours faithfully, Eva

Pig sticking – a favourite pastime in India, one which I shall not be attempting any time soon.