Notes on the Lists

Memorial Plaaque for Henry Lawrence at Fayrer’s House

In the preceding lists, I have compiled the names of the people present during the siege of Lucknow. They have been compiled using the following books:

A Personal Journal of Siege of Lucknow. Capt. R.P. Anderson, 1858.
A Widow’s Reminiscence of the Siege of Lucknow. Katherine Bartrum, 1858.
Day by Day at Lucknow, a Journal of the Siege of Lucknow. Adelaide Case, 1858.
Recollections of My Life. Surgeon-General Sir Joseph Fayrer, Bart. 1900.
An Account of Mutinies in Oude and the Siege of Lucknow. Martin Richard Gubbins, 1858.
The Siege of Lucknow, a Diary. The Honourable Lady Inglis. 1892.
How I Won the Victoria Cross. T. Henry Kavanagh, Esq. 1860.
A Memoir, Letters and Diary of the Rev.Henry S. Polehampton, MA. 2nd Edition, 1858.
Recollections of a Lucknow Veteran. Major General J. Ruggles, 1902.
A Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow. L.E. Ruutz Rees, 1858.
The Defence of Lucknow. By a Staff Officer (Wilson), 1858.  

Compiling such a list is at best, somewhat rule of thumb. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in regard to the spelling of names, and included in some cases children who were otherwise not mentioned anywhere else. When possible, I have added Christian names, a date of death and any other details available.   It is also necessary to mention that not all the people mentioned are, in the strictest sense, residency defenders. Some were killed before the siege commenced but it seemed unfair to not include them, seeing as some had family in the residency. The list does not include those men (as yet) who came in with Havelock or with Campbell. I am still in the process of collecting those names albeit, slowly.  

The following websites have also been extremely helpful and provide so much  information related to the mutiny:

I am hoping to continually update the lists and am grateful to anyone who can provide more names and of course corrections as necessary.